A podcast loosely based on video games straight out of London. Join your hosts Mike, Deej and Baba on a journey through all kinds of conversations about video games old and new. Grab your headphones and Pads Up!


EP 1 - What is an RPG anyway?!

Wed, 09 Feb 2022

Welcome to a brand new video games based podcast. Dive in with us on a journey through tons of different game genres. From action games all the way to J-RPGs. Get an introduction to our hosts as, Mike, Deej, and Baba, list out their favourite games through time from each genre. We discuss great games from across the eras, including today’s next-gen consoles and going all the way back to the original Nintendo (and maybe before).

EP 2 - We've got a soundboard

Wed, 23 Feb 2022

Join us as Mike introduces the guys to his new soundboard. We dive into our first experiences of the GTA franchise and reminisce about going to physical video game shops. We also talk about the darker side of online gaming and the abuse that we’ve experienced while doing it.

EP 3 - A turn based nigiri eating sim

Wed, 9 Mar 2022

Launching the first-ever “Deej Tries”, sees Baba subject Deej to immeasurable emotional pain by asking him to play Yakuza: Like a Dragon. 

EP 4 - We found joy!

Wed, 23 Mar 2022

Join the guys as they discuss what brings them joy about playing video games. From the delight of picking up a game from a local store to the elation of winning epic Wrestlemania cage matches on the couch with friends

EP 5 - Be my Guitar Hero

Wed, 6 Apr 2022

The guys share experiences of gaming with their partners, and discuss musical instrument games. Mike surprises Baba, and Deej with a quiz and we get our first fan mail!

EP 6 - Deej Tries 'Breath of the Wild'

Wed, 20 Apr 2022

Deej plays the Zen Zelda: 'Breath of the Wild' without snacks? The boys discuss Link’s lack of clothing and how he could have worked smarter rather than harder 

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